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He contributed to many projects as either the writer, director, editor, cinematographer or a combination of the four. But night visions came after last house on the left. The videos in my playlists are uploaded by many wonderful people who take a lot of. Four years later, she starred in the television miniseries vietnam, for which she received the aacta award for best lead actress in a television drama. Perhaps my expectations were vastly exceeded just because the remake has a sense of purpose that goes beyond mere blank pastiche. Jeff and angela have a hot relationship going until another breakin at her. Download pdf copies of the entire list of registry titles sorted alphabetically or by year of release. Night eyes hidden view hidden vision 1990 rotten tomatoes. He started his film career by playing glen lantz in the 1984 horror film a nightmare on elm street. From the years 1988 to 1994, youd have been hard pressed to find a more disturbing, yet artistic, filmmaker than jorg buttgereit. Complete national film registry listing film registry. Night eyes 1990 a beverly hills homesecurity guard andrew stevens is seduced by a rock stars warwick sims wife tanya roberts he monitors by video. Night eyes 1990 was followed by several sequels featuring stevens in the will griffith role. The following is the filmography of american actor, director, screenwriter, producer, singer, dancer, musician and pilot john travolta travolta first became well known in the 1970s, after appearing on the television series welcome back, kotter 19751979 and starring in the box office successes saturday night fever and grease.

Good news night of the living dead 1990 fans this umbrella release is sans the dreaded blue tint that plagued the twilight time release from 2012. Oct 15, 2009 i m pretty giddy after watching makeup manturneddirector tom savinis 1990 remake of george a. Watch full movie night eyes three softcore hot porn full movie night eyes three videos download. With jeff lester, adrianne sachs, marc singer, brian thompson. Night eyes is a film directed by jag mundhra with andrew stevens, tanya roberts, cooper huckabee, veronica hensonphillips, year. Its interesting that craven would make something great and then put out something like this. Night eyes is a 1990 erotic thriller film written by tom citrano and andrew stevens and directed by jag mundhra. Oseam is a 1990 south korean movie directed by park chulsoo. Jun 01, 2009 1990 s horror film list monday, june 1, 2009. Night eyes ii r 1h 37min drama, thriller 24 april 1992 turkey security expert will griffith has been hired to secure the mansion of south american expatriate hector mejenes, who has had attempts made on his life, upon the insistance of his american. He also appeared in the 1986 film platoon with charlie sheen, tom berenger, and willem dafoe. Back in the late 1980s, the thought of remaking night of the living dead was, in the eyes of horror fans, right next to rewriting the bible. Australianamerican actress nicole kidman made her film debut in the australian drama bush christmas in 1983.

Seven episodes, each taking place on a different day of the week, on the theme of suicide and violent death. Wikimedia commons has media related to films of the united states, 1990. Night eyes 1990 tanya roberts full movie night eyes 1990 a security guard is hired to gather evidence of adultery against the wife of the rock star and ends up getting involved with her. Jul 03, 20 this feature is not available right now. Night eyes was a successful erotic thriller in the 90s, when i saw this movie twice. It stars andrew stevens, tanya roberts, cooper huckabee, and warwick sims. It is the first of 2 adaptations of the novel, the second being the 2017 film and the third being its upcoming 2019 sequel.

So here it is, the most complete list i can manage thus far of shot on video and 8mm horrorhorroresque productions of the 1980s and 1990s. Watching this, you might suspect that he made it before any of his big successful movies. Back in the 60s a young pledge named sid died as the result of a hazing stunt gone wrong. With jeff trachta, paula barbieri, andrew stevens, sondra spriggs. Please let them know how much we appreciate them by commenting on their videos and subscribing to their channels. Night eyes one beautiful tanya roberts romantic thriller. Romeros first project was the 1968 horror film night of the living dead, which he produced. The presidents mistress full movie beau bridges duration. The flawed story has a reasonable development but the conclusion is absolutely disappointing and senseless. In these, he seems to be involved in the murder of a beautiful young woman. Then, a 2cd release of the tv movies complete score by richard bellis was released on november 15, 2011 by intrada records, and is volume 184 of the labels special collection. Night eyes 1990 a security guard is hired to gather evidence of adultery against the wife of the rock star and ends up.

Starring andrew stevens, tanya roberts, cooper huckabee. Scott is a fashion photographer concerned about the sudden appearance of nightmares in his nightly dreams. Aug 16, 2014 after you are done here whether you hated the film or are a fan id love for you to check out my dj mixes here. Aug 07, 20 the extended remaster of the song stayin alive by the bee gees with footage from saturday night fever. Were your movie poster source for new releases and vintage movie posters. He sent a copy of his script written in less than two months to steven spielberg, who liked it enough to get a deal for the film through warner brothers. Night eyes 1990 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Two evil eyes appears to be the tipping point in both romero and argentos postsuperstar careers. Angela cross, puts in a new burglar alarm system into her home due to threats she received. Romero 19402017 was an americancanadian film director, writer, editor and cinematographer.

The story revolves around a predatory shapeshifter which has the. Goodfellas 1990 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Through the eyes of a killer 1992 tv movie by movedahouse radio. Psychotronic ultimate guide joel 10,012 films 70 7 edit. Years later he returns, and he isnt happy, slaughtering anyone he encounters at his old college in the name of revenge. Night eyes is a 1990 american erotic thriller film written by tom citrano and andrew stevens and directed by jag mundhra. Steve caldwell and will griffith install her system and after will gets shot during a burglary attempt. Cohen from the stephen kings novel of the same name. This mystery thriller is the first in a series of softcore. And frankly, i am tired of looking at this goddamn thing. Bluray movies 4k 3d dvd digital ma itunes prime games people forum.

Stevens and roberts are basically good enough and pretty enough to do the job. Cage has appeared in over 110 films throughout his career. As times have changed and the frequency of remakes, horror or otherwise, has increased and pretty much become the norm, the 1990 version night of the living dead seems tame by comparison. May 07, 2019 the videos in my playlists are uploaded by many wonderful people who take a lot of time and effort to make these videos available for us to enjoy. Full length movie night eyes two full movie in english. Official theatrical movie poster for night eyes 1990. Night eyes r 1h 30min drama, thriller 20 september 1990 philippines a security guard is hired to gather evidence of adultery against the wife of the rock star and ends up getting involved with her. Night eyes was directed by jag mundhra, the same man behind open house and hackolantern, so it makes sense that it doesnt have that polished, pasteurized vibe of your everyday sexy thriller. Night eyes 3 drama, thriller r part 45 video dailymotion. The proceedings this time around have moved out of the bolivian swamp and into a locale that more approximates a giant lake, at least for the. Johnny depp is an american actor, producer and musician. The male lead is weird looking, which works for the plot but feels.

Total recall is an amazing and fun actionscifi movie of 1990. Kurosawa had trouble getting financing from japanese studios, blaming much on the political nature of his criticism of nuclear power in the film. The first release of the score was in february 1996, but only as a 16minute suite on the album richard bellis. Buy night eyes movie posters from movie poster shop. Complete national film registry listing sort films by title, year of release, and year inducted into the registry by using the up and down arrows at the top of each column. There is also a list of films he has produced and his appearances in television. Today i have decided to watch my vhs again and the sexy femme fatale tanya roberts really makes this flick worthwhile.

The filmography of american actor, director and producer, nicolas cage includes the year the film was or will be released, the name of his character, the director, and other related notes. An almost complete list of both the psychotronic video guide and the encyclopedia. Overview of night eyes, 1990, directed by jag mundhra, with andrew stevens, tanya roberts, cooper huckabee, at turner classic movies. Yes, i think femme fatale is the part iii of the lot but its capable of being interesting. The plot is actually functional considering its b movie nature. I did my best to confirm shooting formats for all of these, though a lot of it is a guessing game. If you saw this film originally in the theater or discovered it on home video, youll be pleased to see that the original warmer primary saturated colors are back where they belong. It tells the story of two orphans based on a legend in which a fiveyearold boy sacrificed himself to open his blinded sisters eyes. When he actually meets this dreamwoman in reality, he begins to suspect that something strange must be responsible. Great thriller drama full movie english hollywood scary thriller movies hd,tv series. The acting is pretty stiff and the production is second rate.

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