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It is not as hard to draw a tag as it is in iowa, but good areas can take a few years. Maine hoping hunters harvest at least 7,000 does this fall to cull deer herd. As with bear, the deer feeding range will change from year to year depending on weather conditions. The bucks unusually wide rack measured a whopping 33 inches and could rank third for the largest nontypical spread ever recorded in maine. Maines state record moose stories and adventures guide. Kdwpt offices remain closed to the public through april 19. Maine continues to produce giant big woods deer for hunters willing to work for them. Geologically, this area is called the northern highlands, the northernmost region of the appalachian mountain chain.

This is a shot in velvet in the summer of 2012, just before the buck died from exposure to ehd. New kansas state record whitetail tops 300 inches the. The kansas king sheds are easily one of the most recognizable set of typical sheds ever have been found. But officially, the state record is the 280 48incher rifleman joseph waters shot back in 1987. Top overall states for boone and crockett whitetails per square mile since 2008.

As one of the top recordproducing trophy whitetail deer hunting outfitters in north america, our guided and unguided hunts offer unmatched opportunities to test your skills. You have to wonder what possible record bucks may be walking around out there. They change even more when you just look at the most recent data within the last decade. Help us keep these areas open by practicing social distancing and avoiding. Kansas state parks, fishing lakes and wildlife areas are currently open to the public. Whitetails in maine are a difficult species to hunt because of their incredible sense of smell and keen eyesight. Deer hunting is by no means easy, and requires a good deal of patience, along with the ability to cover great distances or maintain a stand. That matched 6x6 set has an official record book score of 195 18 net inches following asymmetry deductions without a spread credit. Pb guide service is a licensed outfitter owned and operated by registered maine guide paul beauregard, who has over three decades of experience guiding bear, moose, and deer hunters in maine. To me, theres something even more special about a large buck who defied the. Under current law, searun atlantic salmon are considered federallyendangered, and no fishing is permitted for this species. Kansas top 20 deer records deer big game information. Kansas a kansas bowhunter may have just harvested one of the largest non typical whitetail bucks in the world.

Dec 06, 20 when isaac grindles buck hit the leaves in knox county, maine, last month, he expected to walk up on an eightpointer. Deer hunts guided deer hunts in maine pb guide service. Archery typical whitetail kansas top 20 deer records. Our mission is to give hunters more than a great hunt. Incredible width, huge mass and tines going everywhere. This vast ground now reaches into units 6, 8 and 14. Maine deer hunting, deer hunting in maine me, maine.

Nracertified range safety officers that are interested in volunteering their time to monitor shooting activity at the range can contact craig gerry, mdifw shooting range coordinator, for more information at 207 4464249 or by email. Mature bucks can attain record live weights of 400 pounds, although 300 pounds is more common. Things change a lot when you look at each state on a level playing field. Whether youre a hunter or wildlife watcher, knowing the story behind the tracks will give you a better chance of seeing these beautiful and often elusive creatures. Maine whitetail deer hunt maine whitetail deer hunting for big trophy bucks over 200295 pounds dressed are not uncommon in the northeastern wilderness areas where you deer hunt the cedar swamps, beech ridges, old farms and orchards. Maine deer hunting largest whitetail bucks guided hunts semi. With the highest buck to hunter ratio in the country, extreme northern maine trophy whitetail hunting is in a league all its own. At 105years old, clyde roberts is the oldest hunter in north america, but he still returns to the woods every fall to hunt whitetail deer with his sons on their family farm.

The sunflower state is legendary for its nontypicals, and rightly so. Sofia, 12, read famous novel don quixote in tribute to those on the frontline. Easy access takes just 6 hours from boston, 1 hour from the canadian border, and 2 hours from bangor. We want them to enjoy an experience they will remember forever. Hunting, viewing, studying, photographing and painting big mature whitetail bucks. Successfully matching wits with these nomads of the north woods is all about keeping up with where they are and knowing where and how they travel. Hunter in complete shock after killing buck with 67 points on its. Tree stand hunting is a favorite and most of my stands are ladder style stands and a few climbing sticks with lockon platforms. As for the kansas record books, butchers buck will be the largest nontypical whitetail ever taken, surpassing the current state record for a.

We have the experience to obtain one of these whitetail. Surrounded by almost 1 million acres of private and public land with open access, hunters can explore large commercial timberlands, abandoned farms, blueberry fields and apple orchards in search of their quarry. The island of frenchboro is open to deer hunting with shotgun only during the firearms season on deer. Kansas kansas first appeared on the list for big whitetails in the 1990s. Maine is renowned as one of the best states in the u. Berniers big whitetail specializing in tracking, stalking. John morehead, 17321764 members of the first congregational church of bangor, 18111856 members. Are these sheds from the largest 5x5 whitetail of all time. For years we have consistently enjoyed a high kill rate for whitetail bucks on our guided hunts. Kansas bowhunter takes worldclass whitetail salina post. Dec 05, 20 once in a while, the biggest buck of your dreams walks by and sometimes, you even get to kill it. Mark alexander 53 of louisiana got so lucky on a recent trip to kansas to hunt with red dog outfitters for his second year in a row. Maine hunting lodge for grouse and woodcock, moose, bear, and.

The hunt started as many maine northwoods deer hunts often doa long drive, a light rain falling on the roof of the camp which turns to snow overnight. The top states for boone and crockett whitetails in the. The current kansas state record archery nontypical whitetail was shot by dale larson in 1998 in pottawatomie county and scored 264 18. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck. Southern maine deer hunts are on terrain that consists of old farmsteads, oak and beech ridges, cedar swamps, and swales. Aroostook countys remoteness and heavy cover allows our whitetail deer to reach maturity for record making racks as well as body weights. Antlers from a giant buck were seized and charges were filed against david kent for allegedly poaching a buck that would have toppled kansas alltime record. The 47point deer stephen tucker killed in sumner was declared a pending world record monday. Go ahead and post your pictures even if they are not from maine. Over the years ive noticed that most articles on that topic are vague. City s please select the record you would like to view by selecting the persons name below. The downeast lakes region of eastern maine provides limitless opportunities to explore and hunt for maine ruffed grouse and woodcock. The largest 5x5 typical sheds listed in the nashc record book belong to the socalled fleming sheds from saskatchewan with a net score of 181 28 again, no spread credit. We have over 30,000 acres of prime hunting ground scattered around and along the republican river valley.

We have been hunting in maines northern forests for over four decades now. Maine is one of those states that refuses to admit, at least openly, that they cant get hunters to come to maine from out of state to hunt whitetail deer, because there are few deer left to hunt and that directly relates to the precipitous drop in the reporting of trophy deer taken from and reported to boone and crockett. Hunting photo gallery, homestead lodge maine, oxbow, maine. This monster whitetail is said to have been picked up in kansas in 1999. The kardashian clan are selling their handmedown duds online for nine. And its no wonder that deer, moose, bird, and smallgame hunting has been a tradition in maines north woods for generations. Kansas offers two turkey tags one is a turkey permit and the other is a game tag. Kansas bowhunter shoots onceinalifetime 67point buck sports. I wanted to know which counties are breaking records, and why some. A kansas bow hunters peculiar whitetail buck haul from last year may be. To get a buck tag in kansas nonresident hunters must apply for a tag. Even less a state record comes strolling by, in a state that you dont even live in. Learn how to download the law book to your mobile device.

Augusta maines 2012 fall moose hunting season, now in its third decade since its revival, ended with a record 2,895 moose taken by hunters, the department of inland fisheries and wildlife said. At 105years old, clyde roberts is the oldest hunter in north at 105years old, clyde roberts is the oldest hunter in north america. The fryeburg range is located at the fish and game road in fryeburg, me. Hunting maines big whitetails in november is one of the greatest and most rewarding hunting challenges in all of north america. If rifles are legal for deer hunting in maine heres what i recommend.

Stephen tucker, a 27yearold farmer from tennessee, with the recordbreaking antlers. We have searched out the best properties in our area to ensure you a quality hunt. These were luckily found by a rancher as he went to check the well pump for his stock tank and were idly set aside for a month before being retrieved by his son. Tennessee hunters 47point deer breaks world record the new. Kentucky kentucky hunting kentucky fishing kentucky game bird hunting. Deer killed in sumner county to be certified a world record. Islesboro, waldo county, is open to deer hunting with bow and arrow only during the archery, expanded archery, or firearms seasons on deer.

American hunter top 10 states for monster whitetails. According to a report on the mdifw website, maine s whitetails are among the largest of all whitetail subspecies. What is the best caliber for hunting whitetail deer in maine. Oct 23, 20 conspicuously absent from this list is kansas. You may purchase your hunting license and tags from the kdwp kansas wildlife and parks website. Last seasons sharpest, and luckiest, hunters share their stories and photos of 15 benchmark bucks, totaling more than 3,000 inches of antler. As huge as that buck is, the giant shown here is even bigger. I have created this page as a place for people to post pictures of deer. Harvesting an maine whitetail is a true accomplishment simply because it is so difficult to get within effective shooting range of this elusive species.

Nov 30, 2019 maine state record book holder at 222 lbs. Instead, the 21yearold discovered a bruiser with one of the largest spreads ever seen in the state. Statements like, iowa is a great state for huge bucks are common. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck outdoorhub reporters 01. Maine whitetail deer hunting guided deer hunting in maine.

The success rate with the maine whitetail deer at katahdin valley outfitters is well known. For deer hunters, you hear things like that and go, naaaah, one official said. Moreover, hunters across the nation are rewriting state record books. Bulldog camps remote location offers you the luxury of hunting from your cabin door. The whitetail population has grown nearly 20 percent over the past decade, leading the state to allot 66,050 permits. An anonymous neighbor of jims captured these amazing trail camera images of the kansas giant. Maine whitetail deer hunting guides and outfitters hunting.

Big buck down potential kansas state record buck shot. Dec 12, 2015 ive never had the pleasure of hunting in maine. Tracking whitetail deer in maine there are a lot of things you can learn by reading whitetail deer tracks. In order to pruchase the game tag you must first purchase the turkey permit.

Help us keep these areas open by practicing social distancing and avoiding gathering in groups. The western mountains of maine produce some of the largest whitetail bucks taken annually. No other whitetail in the record book has ever grown this number of legal points. Kdwpt offices remain closed to the public through may 3. Hunting success continues when you choose your outfitter.

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